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More on whether state disinvestment is causing rising tuition

The Times Higher Education (UK) ran a short piece based off this recent post. From the Times Higher Education piece:

over the past 26 years, average real state funding per student has fallen by $780, while tuition revenue has increased by more than $3,500. This means that cuts in state funding can only explain about 22 per cent of the increase in tuition over the past quarter century.

But there is a second empirical problem… when you plot tuition rises against changes in state funding, for every year since 1992, a $1 change in state funding per student is rarely associated with a $1 increase in tuition…



When looking at the past quarter century, on average, a $1 change in state funding is associated with only¬†an $0.08 change in tuition…

Check out the full piece here.